Ninepoint is an integrated full-service design studio. We specialise in Branding, Corporate Identity, Web Development and Content Marketing. We create brand identities, award winning annual reports, brochures and websites for individuals and organisations across a wide range of sectors including property, hospitality, financial services, NGOs and more. Our highly experienced team includes brand specialists, designers, writers, typesetters and web developers.


The 9. mini manifesto

1. There are no rules.
Or formulas, or templates, or preconceived ideas.
Create from scratch to solve each brief in the most relevant and unique way.

2. Use your head.
Think first and colour-in after.

3. Use less stuff.
Simple does not necessarily mean easy. Simple means effective.
If there is a simpler way to say it, find it.

4. Form is part of the function.
Deliver the message beautifully whether it’s on paper, online, in black and white, in full colour, in high definition or on the back of an envelope.

5. Speak to the chef and not the waiter.
Each of our clients works directly with one or more of our directors. This combination of design skills and experience combined with our clients’ wealth of knowledge will lead to great work.